Hello Gangsters,

This round won’t be bringing any changes to professions mostly because last round we had Robber as a winner, which for me was a big surprise.

Clearly we are trying to bring some balance to the “ no rave limit change “ so basically this is what we are going for with the changes this round.

  • The exit button is now in a fixed position
  • When assaulted in their own rave players won’t be losing a ticket, except hitman

These are the 2 changes for next time and as you can see they are not huge but based on the feedback given by you guys were needed.

I want to keep the raves as they are for at least a couple of rounds before I make changes there again. I think as they are now, people are losing less stats and there is much more interaction between players , but clearly there are some players that still hate dying.

TIP: Please create and use 3 raves and not just 1.