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    Default New features and fixes


    Below is list of feature that would be nice to have in-game. After list i'll try to elaborate about each feature.

    1. Add auto-bid/blind auction on black market.
    2. All events counters in alley should count from beginning of round.
    3. Upgrades on nightclub/mansion houses.

    1. To make life easier and avoid scripters abuse of BM it would be nice if you could implement auto-bid or blind-auction.
    There are three possible implementations:
    • Simple blind auction - noone see your bid, highest bid wins.
    • Auto-bid auction - Same as simple case but for example 1st player bid for 28$ and 2nd player bid for 30$ then 2nd player wins but will pay only 28.1$
    • Hybrid - You can actually implement both previous ways but 2nd implementation would be for VIP players.

    2. There's big inconsistency in The Alley's quests. Some of quest for example Fair Fight count events since beginning of round. Other mostly kills-related quest counts from start of quest. Even more confusing are robberies related quests. Some of them count from beginning of round some not. Please count all events from round start and keep values as it is or if you want to make this game more challenging for players increase values of event i.e if you have quest Criminal where you have to kill 1 player and then you have Boss where you have to kill 3 players you can make it 4 but please keep consistency.

    3. Tip from guide about having 3 nightclubs/mansions and rotate each 3-5 tickets doesn't really help that much because rate of death decrease imperceptibly. Maybe you can add some kind of upgrades to businesses to make them more interesting for players.
    I thinking about some protection against hitmans. Maybe % of chance to escape assault even if you wasn't that fast to exit or x% defence against attack?
    There is way more upgrades that you can implement and not strictly assault related. Instead selling drugs only to players we could also sell it to 'regular' guests of club? Add some popularity related upgreades - More popular club is more drugs you sell.

    Feel free to put your comments on that topics.


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    First option was already suggested and it did not seem to be useful, so we decided to keep the bids as they are.
    2- Well, there is a logic on the alley missions about counting from start or not. This is all based on availability.

    For example : Russian Drug King robbery is available from day 5 and it stays active till the last day of round. So what? Do we count all? You can do this mission once you activate it. Because robbery is already there. So, it will be count after you activate the mission.

    Drug King, random robbery mission, this robbery is random. It comes from time to time. So, it is not possible to do this mission whenever you want. That is why, it counts from start and you can complete it even without activating the mission.

    Kills are also same. Why would I ask you to kill only 10 people on godfather mission? If you already killed 20? So, they count from 0 when you activate, and it starts to count kills after you activate them.

    3- Do you know why we removed Respect limits from raves? It is because hitmans cannot meet top players and they know how to hide themselves in raves. Playing as pro player does not mean that you can hide from hunter. It means you should be able to escape from them even if you meet.

    And without respect limit, you should be able to find a way to meet them less. So, now you have a possibility to meet hunters in raves and you can escape. Of course, this has harmed new players more since they already do not know how to hide. But they were already assaulted a lot. So, we tried to make a balance there.

    From this logic now, you can easily understand that we do not wish to hide players from hunters or we do not wish to make such a feature for anyone.

    We do thank you for your attention and feedbacks on the game.

    Have a wonderful day.
    Your Sincerely
    eagleking52 / Tolga Gedik
    Game Manager
    Abuse Team Leader
    [email protected]

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    Hello ...

    1. It makes sense .. and I will try to see if that can be implemented and to make it easier for players but it will take some time to implement probably. It will have to be tested and we will have to see how it affects the game at a higher level. Let me explain a little bit .
    You are not the 1st to come up with this .. clearly we had this thought long time ago but this would disrupt the game for top players quite a lot. Many casual players do not take in consideration the value of the bid.. they will just bid to get the components without thinking if they are actually losing money or not. Now imagine not seeing the current bid like you do now.. people would just bid like crazy. At least this is why we did not implement your idea long time ago.

    2. The killing missions well... they count from the moment you start it and I think that is how it should be. IF there are any crazy things they are linked to robbing missions and here you are correct
    Please report them to me via email or to TOLGA ... he can send it to our DEV to fix it.

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    I like the autobids idea, because there're many absurd people who outbid the component with insane amount, start price is $8 and they bid to $15, while there're still many 0 bids on another auction.
    Let say the autobid, player will input the amount of the bids, let say $9 for the cannabis, the the system will just bid $9 to any empty slot bid or some random slot.
    So there's no absurd people sniping at the end of the auction time



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