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    Exclamation Tickets BUG - Whale id. 17947224

    Hi Team,

    I think there's a bug regarding tickets since I have 311 tickets from yesterday after I've finished Dillinger The Robber 2nd course.

    I don't receive any new tickets which is really strange. Could you please troubleshoot from your end?

    Thanks and best regards,

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    make aticket about your proplem and admin will reply to you
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    Hello Whale,

    Only Robbers can collect 350 tickets. Completing dillinger the robber university, does not allow you to collect more tickets than 300.

    So, this 15 extra tickets are given to you regularly like you normally receive tickets regularly every 5 6 minutes 1 ticket.

    So, now, after completing, if you lower your tickets to less than 300 tickets, you will start tickets regularly. When you receive 70 75 tickets per thecrims day, now you will receive 15 more so it will be around 85 to 90 tickets.
    Your Sincerely
    eagleking52 / Tolga Gedik
    Game Manager
    Abuse Team Leader
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