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Thread: Sabotage!!!

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    Default Sabotage!!!

    Hello Everyone,

    We wanted to bring an old feature that would make our game a little bit more complex .

    The basic idea is to allow anyone to sabotage anyone once they reach level 5
    In order to create bring back this feature we need to create something new in the SPY section
    Or a new spy section called Sabotage (in the menu)

    How do we set it: a relation must be created between players …
    Once the red relation is created it will stay there between the players for 1 day TC
    We might have to create a new section called sabotage page or When the players visit AUNT MAY they will have a list of players to choose from .
    The relation will stay even if one of the players is killed or attacked in rave
    List will be located in the sabotage section.

    How to get relation :
    • a relation between 2 players would be created in the following situations
    • From robbing in the same gang , virtual or normal
    • From districts when successfully taking over a street
    • From raves

    • Duration of the relationship : 1 day Tc.
    • Relations should be visible for both players.

    (Intel/45% + Charisma/30% + Tol/15%+Str/10% + lvl) * spy percentage bonus = Sabotage Power (shows under Assault power on the right)

    (Tolerance /60% + Str /20% +Intel /15% + Char/5% + Armour) + Bodyguards +lvl = Sabotage Defence Power (shows under Assault power on the right)

    Note : We have made changes to levels so with each level you will receive 1% percent probability to succeed and to protect yourself from sabotage :

    EX when I pass from lvl 1 to 2 I receive

    1% defense against sabotage
    1% sabotage success rate

    1 sabotage at a time

    Basic Sabotage Rules
    • 1 sabotage at a time
    • Sabotage duration - 10 TC hours
    • Sabotage can be canceled but you can’t start same sabotage again
    • Should the victim be notified when the sabotage starts? -NOPE
    • Sabotage notification when it finishes (even if success or not) - for both players
    • You can only sabotage a victim every 15 days TC
    • Available from level 5
    • Multies can’t access this feature
    • Max 2 levels difference between attacker and defender. Ex: lvl 7 can sabotage up to lvl 9
    • If the attacking player fails the victim will be notified saying who tried to sabotage him along with a message etc..
    • If the attacking is successful the victim will only be notified of the damage but not of the player that did it.

    2 New Trainings

    NSA SPY training - increases sabotage power by 3000 at any training level level
    Treadstone Defense Program - increases defense against sabotage power at any training level 4500

    Auntie May Coffee Shop


    Lovely place If you want to enjoy your coffee but be aware behind closed doors Auntie May rules with an iron fist over some of the deadliest mercenaries , spies and some really sketchy hackers that with the push of a button could delete your entire life.

    Auntie May : Wanna try some special cookies ? Here’re the prices

    Now we have created different categories of spies that can attack different features from the game ( stock market , bank , hookers, buildings),



    Description : These little nerds can faxck up your broker buddy or make a banker lose his mind with just a simple click .

    KID GENIUS - stocks attacker
    Description and Skills : Loves to play with the Stock Market , will make the player targeted by his attacks will be losing up to 8 transactions from his total daily transaction on stock market

    Price :
    • 1st stage planning - 4 kkk or 100 credits - player will lose 5 transactions on stock market
    • 2nd stage planning - 8 kkk or 200 credits - player will lose 8 transactions on stock market

    You can hire him once per round

    NEO -invest attacker
    Description and Skill : This fxcker controls the CODE , he can bring down or control everything even remotely connected to electricity.He will attack a players investment making him lose a % of it

    player loses up to 1% of his investment ,percentage bonus 16% ( VIP3 )

    Price :
    • 1st stage planning - 4 kkk or 100 credits - player loses 0.5% of his investment
    • 2nd stage planning - 8 kkk or 200 credits - player loses 1% of his investment

    You can hire him once per round


    Description : You don’t want to get your hands dirty, well this bunch will fack them up for you from gunning down hoes to burning down buildings these fellows will do the lot.

    DRIVE BY CREW - hookers

    Description and Skill: No working girl is safe when these faxckers hit the streets. Contract them If you want the local pimp’s profit to take a hit. An attack from this crew will cause the player to lose 2% of his hookers

    player loses up to 2% of his hookers , percentage bonus 12 % ( VIP 3 )

    Price :
    • 1st stage planning - 4 kkk or 100 credits - player loses 1% of his hookers
    • 2nd stage planning - 8 kkk or 200 credits - player loses 2% of his hookers

    You can hire him once per round

    PYRO PHREAK - buildings
    Description and Skill : Faxck some motherfaxckers are dark , hire this guy and he will light the city for you. He loves working in the industrial area so the targeted player will lose up to 12% of his buildings production .

    player loses up to 12% of his buildings production , percentage bonus 15 %( vip 3)

    Price :
    • 1st stage planning - 4 kkk or 100 credits - player loses 8% buildings production
    • 2nd stage planning - 8 kkk or 200 credits - player loses 12% buildings production

    You can hire him once per round

    DIRTY COP: dealer

    Description and skill : A.C.A.B every thug’s credo and if you didn’t take to the bank until now you will after you come face to face with this scum. Some say he actually is a KINGPIN ,honestly I just think he loves getting high.

    player loses up yo 6% of his drugs(random) , percentage bonus 15 %

    Price :
    • 1st stage planning - 4 kkk or 100 credits - player loses 3% of his drugs
    • 2nd stage planning - 8 kkk or 200 credits - player loses 6% of his drugs

    You can hire him once per round


    LUXURY ESCORTS : tickets
    Description and Skill: Thinking about having a cool night, drinking some booze ? Going to a nightclub was never so dangerous. These luxury escorts will focus your most deadly enemies. Hiring these ladies will cause the targeted player to lose up to 50% of his tickets.

    350kk - player loses up to 50% of his tickets, spy percentage bonus 19% ( VIp3 )

    Price :
    • 1st stage planning - 4 kkk or 100 credits - player loses 30% of his tickets
    • 2nd stage planning - 8 kkk or 200 credits - player loses 50% of his tickets

    You can hire them once per round


    MAY, THE WAITRESS: stats

    Description and Skill: Making temporary friends in such a world, has never been so profitable for you. Being such a loyal client to Aunt May’s coffee shop, she offers you a chance to bully your enemies, by smuggling some strange and colored, homemade pills in their coffee. That shit is so powerful, the guy will be knocked-out and will never know what hit him, making him lose up to 3% of his stats.

    Price :
    • 1st stage planning - 4 kkk or 100 credits - player loses 1% of his stats
    • 2nd stage planning - 8 kkk or 200 credits - player loses 3% of his stats

    May will be your friend only once per round


    You can only have one defense at a time. In order to buy a new one, you must sell your old. So, we do not allow players to own 2 types of guards at the same time

    Description: Well, for those of you losers that can’t throw a punch, Aunt May can provide you with some of her best guys just in case you made some enemies on your way to the top .
    They will protect your sorry ass but they will do it for a price and you should keep the tap flowing or these faxckers will turn on you in a heartbeat.

    Mall Cops price - 350 kk
    These dumbos can only tap you on the shoulder and let you know someone is coming. I would not put my faith in them If I were you . 5% bonus defense against sabotage

    Beerus Wannabe - 1kkk
    This anime freak trained so much he actually thinks he is invincible : 8% bonus defense against sabotage

    Mercenaries- 2kkk
    When shit gets serious these guys will have your back. For a fair price of course 10% bonus defense against sabotage

    Secret Service - 50 crds
    Old faxckers that used to protect the world’s most powerful man : 14% bonus defense against sabotage

    Terminator - 200 crds
    Technology at its finest, this killing machine will crush bones for you : 18% bonus defense against sabotage


    BR/PT Translation
    Arabic Translation
    French Translation
    Romanian Translation
    Serbian Translation

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