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    Lightbulb Few Ideas to Black Market


    Few ideas that might be good for us

    having VIP gives you better visibility on few things like profits from buildings and hookers - why we can't introduce profit from the bid while you type in the bid value

    for example you bid for Weed that costs $8 we show total price of the bid that is $1,600,000,000 could we add there like a small popup of your estimated profit as for today?

    that would calculate the current price of weed in the dealer + amount of weed that you can produce out of the winning bid - value of the bid = estimated profit in $ that would give them an idea if bid is profitable or not at this moment. I saw there were some players who overpay a looot

    non vip players have visibility of top x bids only - why we do top 5 not random 5 ? if you look up at the bidding board first few is like hammered the rest is fairly relaxed. let's make life bit more challenging and mix them out a bit non vip players will still be able to see limited number of auctions but different for each of them at the particular day (change once a day would be more than enough)

    so player A will see auctions 1-5
    player B will see auctions 10-15
    player C will see auctions 20-25

    or maybe even go bananas and make them completely random
    player A will see 1, 14, 12, 21, 31
    player B - 4, 21, 31, 23, 12

    etc. random sort

    make the color on the bids - if you go off profits, your total value of the bid will be RED, no lose = White, profit = Green

    auctions don't have any credit maker as of now - we might add something there like blind bid you pay credits to blind some of the auctions, players don't know how to bid but you do know the highest number or place holder - you put a bid that overbid highest by threshold or bribe to the auctioneer- cost must be high as this will probably make the life a hell to some, this would have to have some sabotage that will work fast - probably few hours before it completes, or bribe can close the auction faster by few minutes - this is something that might be profitable (for you)

    make a random end time, this one is ending at the same time for all auctions - make it different for some, that will force you to be online bit more.

    VIP add higher overbid than others - currently you can overbid lowest price by some value, VIP should be able to make it higher than this

    Robberies for components - they tell what component you get but don't indicate what you can make out of them, add a hint like potatoes (Booze)

    tell me what you think of above and welcome back !


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    1++, 2++ only the first part, the random one is a no-no, 3++, 7++.

    The rest I dont agree on, to me it's no good to be implemented and I can't see a way to change in a way that i would agree on.

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    it would be nice for the bids to be bigger and 1x a day , that would make the bids more popular and it would not be so hard to spend every 2 hours on the bid to dispute something



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