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    Default still not get it

    biggest problem for me and most of players. there is no single player option. I don't want a gang where intrigues turn. but also i dont want to restriction virtual gang. i am not a good player i am not fast but. i dont want to try to kill people for level. if i am pimp give me pimp quest how can i do kill quests. thats the so much problem i will going to level.. and i need kill for level up and loose tons of stats and not get kill.i am checking almost every round changes for 5 years . my opinion awesome game bad management just for a couple friends.

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    Hello BenBernanke,

    I am sorry but what level are you talking about?

    Only level 13 is asking for kills. And if you are not a complete player in game, then you do not need to make level 13.

    You can pass it. Since it does not give you any production profit or anything else. Only some stats and drugs. So, you cannot tell me that you lose something for it.

    Regarding alley missions, there is something simple. SKIP it. You are not obliged to complete all the missions. You can skip and move on. Easy peasy. No one is putting a gun on your head for completing the mission.

    So, you are still free to play.

    Regarding gang, I am sorry but, what part do you want to play? Ok. Play that part. But donot ask for levels, missions and rewards then. Just go and make single robberies.

    If you want to make levels, you have to match the requirement with the minimum efforts that we ask.

    Have a nice game.
    Your Sincerely
    eagleking52 / Tolga Gedik
    Game Manager
    Abuse Team Leader
    [email protected]

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    I understood what he meant.
    The alley quests, which are the same for everyone, have quests that you need to kill other players to complete.
    For those who play as a pimp, or any other class that is not an assassin, they have a big disadvantage. Even more so for players who don't have as much experience or speed in the game.
    Although I managed to complete the missions with peace of mind. I understand him. These "for everyone" missions shouldn't have kills. It's assassins who have to worry about that, not other classes.
    And of course, if you want to reach the top as a godfather, we have the 10 kills that must be done.
    I think it's a good idea to replace the kill missions in the alley, I think this deals with the possibility of creating more competitive players and with the opportunity to play a good round.

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    its kinda hard to be doing only single robs when I have to go to night clubs to refill stamina and be killed without even seeing who attacks me, and what @eagleking52 says sounds like a lack of vision on how to attract new players "hur dur only do this specific thing and enjoy only 1/3 of what the game has to offer because we only think about hitman and **** other classes". I mean, common, give us others things to do besides killing or at least give us a fighting chance against the hitmans.



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