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    Default FEEDBACK: New auction timers

    Heyaaa bois, just some feedback from good guy krispy 😊😂, i post here.. so others can see.. i think many agree on this one with me (at least they should)..

    So first thing.. wp with this change.. auctions every 2h was pretty crazy.. being here every 2h if you wanna fight for top 10-15 range is kinda hard and annoying 😬😬 expecially when you wake up and get 0x components 😒😭 but still althought bids every 4h is nice.. if you play hard.. you still need be rdy to check every d start.. and 4example every d end also (if you are robing last tickets on event, or selling to ship every last drug produced)..

    soo i think we should have timers every 3h.. and with 1,5x original amount.. (low drugs 300kk per auctions, big ones 150kk per auctions).. timers d end and in middle of d (so 11:40 and 23:40)..

    what you guys think.. 😅

    peace and chill ✌️

    see yaa around and cya, KrispySLO
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    I agree that it's annoying to have them on different timers, but i don't see how having them every 3 hours improves the 2 hours situation that we had before. For example, the most annoying thing was to wake up 2 times at night to take bids.

    With bids every 4 hours, people will wake up just for 1 bid at night, the one at 19:40 TC time. With bids every 3 hours, people will need to wake up again 2 times(like before) for 11:40 and 23:40. So i don't see any advantage going to 3 hours. The timers can be easily learned with 4 hours so there are no problems imo.

    1 day u have the first bid at 03:40 and second bid at 19:40 and the next day u have it first(and only one) at 11:40 and it repeats.

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    I agree with you, it would be a good decision to have it every 3 hours.



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