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    Lightbulb Medal/Recognition to players with no benefits (cred,vip)

    Hello, i used to play this game back in the 2010's and i returned this round. So much has changed...
    I couldn't help noticing that casual players don't stand a chance to get a good leaderboard position. This game became pay to win, plane and simple...

    My suggestion is to give a medal/Trophy to the best player/professions who didn't spend ANY money... with VIP, credits etc... just played with the resources in the game.

    C'mon, if you pay you get more stats, money, power, special items, special events, production, hooker earnings.... how is that fair ?

    Just create a simple Medal or mini trophy called ''softcore winner'', something like that.

    The game is not fun at all for me knowing that i will NEVER be able to compete with ''pay to win players'' who spend money to get a head start and handicap benefits...

    Thats my view.... i hope you guys consider...


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    Hi there,
    Some simple questions, do you think things in life are free just because they are on the internet ? Do you know how much it costs to run this game every month ? Is the game called UNICEF or The crims ?

    Please answer this questions and I will consider your suggestion !

    Thanks !



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