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    Default Two versions of The Crims

    So im creating this topic just with a small ideea in my head.. im a very old player ( my original account around 13-14y ago that unfortunately lost it due to not logging in anymore )

    First of all i wanna mention that this is just an ideea i am sorry if not many will agree to this due to certain factors.. ( money, staff, etc )

    I personally miss a lot the old times and the way Crims was back then, i remember there were tons of players, chat full of people on most of the countries, talking, trying to scam with rabbits, and so on so forth..

    Now ? Just "veterans" and very old players like myself that kept sticking to the game and playing a round from time to time.

    I can also understand that the current version of Crims lets say im pretty sure even tho fewer people im sure it brings more money to the website than its old versions because basically without credits/vips you have no chance..

    So what is my ideea here ?

    Keep this version of Crims and in parallel create a Legacy Crims ( old version ) lets name it.. where someone like me could choose on which he wants to play.. or even play on both if he really doesnt have a life lol

    To prevent people from only playing Legacy Crims lets say.. the prizes could be bumped up a bit on the current version on Crims and other stuff to like keep a bit of balance on both versions because i fully understand the money part of it as a staff and of course i wouldent want that. I got different ideeas and how to keep a certain balance on both versions but lets discuss that another time

    Before going more in depth with these ideeas.. would like firstly to see how you guys react to my post here and see if there is any kind of interest on it, i personally can see only benefits playerwise and also moneywise for the website. Maybe the only downside would be that more work would needed by the staff but more members could get part of it and we would make it work.

    Now.. you might say hey its 2023 not 2010 wtf is browser game ? Of course there are no more players left..
    But no.. thats not the reason.. i ve always compared Travian with TheCrims for example.. Travian kept growing and growing and still a lot of people playing it to this day and thats because Travian didnt choose the moneymaking path and sticked to its origins while making more versions of it and improving it but not by adding 100 new features that we have to pay for and to make it impossible to the occasional player to have some fun.

    In my opinion its better to have 1000-2000 online players that would eventualy pay 10-20 bucks each month to fully enjoy the game rather than 100 online players which have to pay 50$ basically on something that isnt quite as exciting as the older version.

    In any case.. I hope i havent offended anyone.. was just wanting to make a point and to let out something that i always had on my mind regarding TheCrims

    In conclusion.. having 2 versions of TheCrims ( old and new ):
    - its very much doable
    - would bring back a lot of players and new ones
    - implementing it wouldent be very hard because im assuming the scripts are still available
    - due to a larger database of players, website profits would also increase
    - wouldent be a big risk in case it didnt work out but at least an attempt was made

    I hope my ideeas here will be read, im sorry for such a long topic but i am willing to help in discussing even further if there is any kind of interest in this

    Would love to hear the staff opinion and also players on this

    Thank you
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    Hi there,

    We had this... we had it for a year and nobody played it.
    The real number of players playing the game was under 50. It is not economically sustainable to run a multi account game.
    What we could do is have multi round

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    It is a good idea..
    I also remember old version.
    For the new version, i don't like.
    But, for series is good.



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