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Thread: Assult

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    Default Assult

    First off all there a big problem with errors

    "Invalid assult request"
    "Victim is already fighting somone" And this happens when there are two of us!
    "protected one " ok thats not a big deal

    This game is played by a lot of countrys, everyone have diffrent ping and latencity,to make it work smooth
    first error should be GONE!
    If player managed to press ATTACK thats it Execution even when victim left or somth. .
    from 20 attacks 1 is succsesful 19 is with error. if you escape clean than its fine.

    Im playing with 1000mbits internet and still geting errors consistantly.

    And thats pissing of.

    In result more sucssesfull kills, more hospital payments more income, improved figting part, and people should be more carefull in clubs.

    Also told your mods- make FIGHT CLUB again like 10 years ago it would still make game fun for hitmans who did bad start, thay could make special acounts with all stats 1 except strenght.

    At the moment hitman class is for 50 people who knows this game very well thay manage to get level 10 in day 5 for new commers hitman class is unreal! Arena(fight club) would solve this problem.

    with best regards StalkerXXX

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    For now we don't have any intention to do something like that about on assaults. Players need to have the possibility to scape and the error 'invalid assault request' is just that you wasn't fast enough.
    About Fight Club who knows about the future? If we find way to make this better, is a possibility.
    I hope you can understand our point about we can't just make things like you can't scape from assaults and well, need to thing about all professions not only hitmans.
    Have a good game!



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