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    Default Round 178 Changes!!!

    Hi gangsters,

    Round 178 is here and like promised we have some new things for you guys.
    We have created 2 new robberies that will be a little bit different from what you guys are used to since I wanted to make them high risk high reward.

    I still do not know if said robberies are worth it or if they are OP since we have not tested them in a real scenario and this is why, like always , we need you guys to keep us informed. For more info about the 2 robberies please follow the game guide and the forum.

    Changes :

    • Halloween special: The Evil Pumpkin robbery is back!
    • All players who reach level 12 or more this round will get a special Halloween badge! (this badge will be given only for this round.)
    • Labour of Love item increased from 600% to 700%
    • Hooker party reduced from 3 to 2 events
    • Changed Visible drug component auctions for VIP3 ,
      NEW VALUES :
      level 1-7 50 auctions,
      level 8-9 55 auctions,
      level 10 60 auctions,
      level 11-12 65 auctions,
      level 13 75 auctions
    • Reduced the max tickets for robber from 450 to 380
    • Robber change : gang robbery bonus at lvl 12 from 25% to 20 % (This change will apply to the other levels as well)
    • Hitmans will lose tickets when they get attacked inside rave
    • New Gang Robberies (new feature) Warren Buffet / The Pentagon
    • Click here to see the details regarding new robberies.

    Like always for any feedback and ideas please write to me at [email protected]


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