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    Default Garbage moderators who have no rules or respect to privacy

    As title says; Maybe @bebyhino or @eagle you all should double check your garbage moderators who are leaking private information and reports

    Look at the picture below: This got to me by a friend that saw the picture of my report, email address, and name was leaked and circulating between thecrims players.

    This is lousy and disrespectful! This is not what a professional game should be like. Whoever is the crew member who is leaking private information and reports of players should be kicked not just from crewmembers but the whole ****ing game.

    You have no right exposing my private email, name, report, etc!

    I want this sucker, motherfu8cker held accountable. DON'T DELETE POST! I WANT EVERYONE TO SEE WHAT THECRIMS MANAGER AND OWNER WILL DO ABOUT THIS!!!!!!

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    Dec 2008


    Hi there...


    Please contact ASAP .. [email protected] ...

    I need all the info you can give to me. and I can guarantee you some people will get some NICE PERMA BANS.

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    Thank you for prompt response. I emailed you!

    Thanks in advanced.



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