So, I was thinking about buying vip packages for my gang and wondered whether there would be a discount if one bought multiple packages. What I came accross left me a bit confused:

"VIP Package Platinum
Price: 10 EUR

Buy 6 VIP Package Platinum - Shareable codes
Price: 60 EUR
Buy 6 VIP packs for a discounted price. You will receive a voucher code for each package that you can use to activate the package. The codes can be shared and used by any player."

I'm not sure if those 2 options are exactly the same product (except one of them is shareable and bundled), but if so, I guess there's no discount at all if you wanna buy multiple VIP packages, am I right? I mean... if I bought 6 vips codes for me and my gang members I would spend exactly the same amount as each of them buying themselves a single VIP package, right? So... where exactly is the "discounted price"?