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    Default Round 180 Changes!!!

    Hi gangsters,

    As you know on round 179, we have fixed the errors on 2 new gang robberies and we brought them.

    Round 180 is a special one because we are making a second update to our server platform and this is why we decided not to make any huge changes for this round. I hope things will go as planned.
    That being said we do have 2 changes, one which will change the early game and might lead to new strategies.


    • � Warren Buffet required power is now 60 k from 75 K
    • � Day 1 all professions will start with 200 tickets plus VIP ones. We have decided to give the tickets at the beginning of the day making it easy for us to keep track of the daily tickets and in doing so we will fix some of the rounding issues we had in this area.

    Like always for any feedback and ideas please write to me at [email protected]

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    Your Sincerely
    eagleking52 / Tolga Gedik
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    In order to clarify questions in your mind about new change on tickets.

    Day 1
    You start with 200 tickets

    No other daily tickets.

    If you buy vip, vip tickets. as 50 or 75
    If you complete level, tickets rewards from level,
    If you complete alley mission, tickets from alley mission

    will be added whenever you complete them.

    The tickets you take 1 every 5 minutes or 3 minutes as robber, you will not receive them any more. No incremental tickets during the game day.

    You will receive 72 tickets at the beginning of day 2 (as robber 120)
    Day 3, at the beginning, again 72 tickets
    Day 4, at the beginning again 72 tickets

    But, total ticket number is 300 (as robber 380)

    So, if you have 250 tickets, you will not receive 72.
    You will receive 50. Because you can collect up to 300

    AS robbery, if you finish the day with 350, you will not receive 120.
    You will receive 30, because you can collect up to 380. So you gotta calculate it well.

    After that, 15 vip daily tickets will be added. No matter how many tickets you have. Because they are what you buy.

    District and universtiy tickets are included in daily tickets
    So, if you get them too,
    You gotta calculate them and prepare your tickets accordingly

    For ex

    Robber level 3 university
    Gives you 25 tickets
    72+ 25 =97
    If you have more than 203
    You wont get 97
    You must finish the day with 203 or lower amount
    To get full tickets

    I hope it answers your questions.
    Your Sincerely
    eagleking52 / Tolga Gedik
    Game Manager
    Abuse Team Leader
    [email protected]



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