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    Default Round 184 Changes!!!

    Hi gangsters,

    If you played last round you are already aware of the fact that the game has changed a little bit. We are still working on balancing it and this new round is a statement of that.
    I’ve personally talked to many players, tried my best to listen to them as much as I could and balance the game in such a way that it stays interesting and challenging.

    Before I go on explaining the many changes we have for the upcoming round I will have to announce something of big importance to us and the game itself.

    ALPHA is here and it is open for all of you to test, it will be the same as BETA meaning you will be able to play and try new strats there.


    • Stats percentage lost in 1 v 1 between players has been increased
      Wounded 3%
      Kill 2%
    • Power of bots in Street Fight has been increased by 50 % but the rewards in stats have remained the same
    • Power of bots in district has been increased by 50%
    • Profession from rave description is now available only for VIP. All packs included
    • We have removed The Slums feature since there is no point in having at the moment. It will be revamped in the future
    • Protected accounts will not be receiving kill badges anymore
    • Padrino: New level requirement: 20 kills , except hitman
    • Tripled the number of kills required to reach level 13
    • Triple all base kills required in all DAILY missions and double the base rewards in tickets as well

      E.g : A businessman's nightmare : kill 2 BM . Increase it to 6
      Reward 12 tickets - increase it to 24

      A robber's nightmare : Kill 2 Robbers. Increase it to 6 kills.
      Reward 12 tickets Increase to 24

      A pimp’s nightmare : Kill 2 Pimp. Increase it to 6 kills.
      Reward 12 tickets. Increase to 24

      A dealer’s nightmare : Kill 2 dealers . Increase it to 6 kills.
      Reward 12 tickets Increase to 24

      A broker’s nightmare : Kill 2 brokers. Increase it to 6 kills .
      Reward 12 tickets. Increase to 24

    • No more assault button in normal NIGHTLIFE clubs. Players can only attack other players ONLY in The Hunting Grounds.

    • Change to bot stats rewards. No change in their Assault power
      • Days 1-5 : 500 stats reward
      • Days 6-10 : 800 all stats reward
      • Days 11-20 : 1500 all stats reward
      • Days 21-30 : 3500 all stats reward
      • Days 31-52: 6000 stats reward

    • 5 new raves and bots that never change power or reward during the round

      • NoobRave1 : 1 bot pimp/ name : Scandale /Power 500 : reward 50 all stats
      • FreeAll : 1 bot hitman / name : Mischelos/ Power 500 : reward 50 all stats
      • Insolito : 1 bot broker / name : Dingus/ Power 500 : reward 50 all stats
      • daZone : 1 bot Bm / name : Lolittta/ Power 500 : reward 50 all stats
      • WorldZ : 1 bot Robber/ name: HoodRob / Power 500 : reward 50 all stats
      • Scampia : 1 bot Dealer/ name UPazzo / Power 500 : reward 50 all stats

    • Reduced the number of Warren Buffet and Pentagon passes needed for Hitman by 50 %
    • Doubled the rewards in tickets for Hitman for both Warren Buffet and Pentagon
    • Divided Hitman’s sabotage powers by 3. An increase from 2.5
    • Reduced Attack Sabotage power of all other professions by 1.5
    • Multiplied the amount of game money players have to pay to sabotage someone by 2
    • Reduced Hitman jail percentage probability by 15% starting level 2.
    • Increase the jail percentage for all other professions by 15% starting lvl 2.
    • Getting out of jail now costs 10 credits instead of 14 for all professions. VIP owners only

    These last changes are here to balance things a little bit. I understand sabotage is now easier to perform so I decided to make it as costly as possible for those who only make accounts for that purpose. We MAY have an item coming but not for this round.
    When it comes to jail probability it is quite difficult to control since it is probability we are talking about. I got a lot of feedback from you guys here but like I said before I will take things step by step. I know many of you do not like losing but it is part of the game.

    • New legendary badges
      The idea is to exchange top 1 country medals with new legendary medals as it follows

    5 top 1 country medals will get you Don of Country medal
    10 top 1 country medals will get you Kingpin of Country medal
    20 top 1 country medals will get youPadrino of Country medal
    30 top 1 country medals will get you Godfather of Country medal

    Once players reach the required amount of medals, said amount will be exchanged with one of the above mentioned medals . The medals are new and AI generated images. They are created with The Crims 2.0 in mind so they might look a little bit out of context on this design

    Like always for any feedback and ideas please write to me at [email protected]

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    Your Sincerely
    eagleking52 / Tolga Gedik
    Game Manager
    Abuse Team Leader
    [email protected]



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