Hi gangsters,

Clearly last round we all learned we should not be buying VIP packs from other players.

That being said we are trying to bring some changes to the game especially since some of the professions were a little bit underplayed.

Most of these changes are based on feedback from you guys.


Changes to BINGO ITEM : now gives a steady 150 tickets, no matter how many times you buy it , and 4 times more money for gang and single robs for 3 TC days ( all professions )
ADDED BONUS TO NASA ITEM : upon activation it will now give a 50$ bonus per drug unit when selling in harbour. This is a new added bonus to the bonuses it already has.The item must be active at the moment of the transaction
Goggles of fortune new added bonus : 15% more money when robbing in gang
Pimp: respect required for lvl 11 changed to 6.5 kk
Hooker party : increase the number of events per round from 2 to 6
Changes to gang robberies :
-oil tycoon 18kk from 12 kk
-bill gates 28kk from 23 kk
- Illuminati 38kk from 35 kk
Robber changes .

EVENT : Robbing frenzy gives a 20 % bonus money , all robs, when robbing for that day TC

9 - Mugger

Advantages : New daily event :Robbing Frenzy

10 - Kingpin

Advantages : New daily event Police Reinforcement

11 - Mobster

Advantages : New daily event Police,Robbing Frenzy and Drug King robbery in town

12 - Padrino

Advantages : New daily event, Police Reinforcements and Chuck Norris robbery in town

13 - GodFather

Advantages : New daily event Police Reinforcements , Robbing Frenzy and Chuck Norris in town

NOTE: Police reinforcements is the old event we already have. The events will not stack meaning that If you level in a day TC when a Police Reinforcements is already active it will not stack with the one with your level.

Please let me know how OP this will make Robber. Clearly the percentages may need some work.

Like always for any feedback and ideas please write to me at [email protected]