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    Default Nightclub bots makes no sense

    Nightclub bots took away the biggest fun of this game which was the PVP. Now you can make 1000:0 kills with no profession or stats at all. The better way to improve the killing and fun from the game would be actually increase the PvP aspect rather than reducing it to near zero so instead of going into "(un)fun PVP friendly bot-match" I would recommend going to even more hardcore mode which would be:

    -higher penalty on dying (either higher stats loss or longer hospital time),
    -removing the ability to own a nightclub and make specific nightclubs amount in the game that would decrease over time. so first we would have alot of clubs because of overpopulation in the first 1-10 TC days and then the nightclubs amount would slowly decrease so people still could find each other in the late game rather than walking in the empty clubs all the time.

    Oh, and make a gangster class playable again!

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    i don't agree with that, we already don't have a lot of players on hunting grounds, if they took out the bots the assasins will be hunting an day to get like 10 kills, cause nobody with exception of assasins will hunt. People who play for top or just for respect don't hunt, they just rob and get some kills on the alley missions, but besides that they don't go hunting, so taking off the bots will make assasins hunting a day for only a few kills and probaly finding most of the times just anothers assasins in raves, making the life of this class an true hell, i think it is good how it is now.
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    Thats why I suggested to remove the ability to own a nightclub and make limited amount of nightclubs. With lower amount of nightclubs we will be able to find players even if the community is very small.



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