På svenska i korthet: Du kommer inte längre byta email till ett konto. Se till att ingen kan lösen till ditt konto elller email. Eller så får du starta ett nytt konto.


All players should be aware that from the start of next round we won't allow email addresses to be changed. This is a security measure as we state in our rules that an account is identified by who's in control over the email the account is registered to. There have been cases with stolen/shared emails where accounts have had an owner switch which the old owner didn't intend to happen.For the protection of players we've chosen to disable the feature of changing emails.

This would be a good time to change emails to stable providers for those who fear they might lose access to their current email in the future.

Please remeber never to share email accounts or passwords. It's your obligation to keep your email safe and we take no responsibility for hacked emails, nor will we change emails in those cases.