Hookers are an importante game feature, and few are the players that use them correctly. So I decided to make this tutorial.

What affects the individual benefits of hookers?

What affetcs the earnings you got on hookers is mainly the amount of charisma you have on your account, which means that the more charisma you have, the more Money your hookers will give you. You can aswel use some extras in game to increase these earnings as buyings special pills on hookers page with credits that will increase the production by 10% and also the skill points you receive everytime you complete a level (you can either put these skill points on extra production or on extra carisma on robberies). At last, the amount of hookers you have.

Investing on hookers isn't just about buying and wait. This is a common mistake, in the extent that to have a positive income, you should invest well. So, what should you be aware about?

1º Verify the benefits of 1 Hooker unity per day.

2º Go to TC first page (newspaper) to check how many days are left until round finish.

3º Now just calculate: "Benefits/per X Days Left = xxx". These xxx is the value of reference, this is, you can buy that specific hookers until that amount. After it, you will be paying more than what you will receive.

Obs: Never buy until the limit because if you got attacked you will loose charisma, which will affect your production. Make your calculations frequently.

Example of daily payment of a Miss Blond at diffrent levels of charisma:

Now to exemplify what we've learn here, let's suppose we have 100.000 carisma in the account that there are 65 days left until the round finish. As we can see by consulting the table above, the miss blond would be giving 215.280$ per day.

Calculation would be: 215280x65= 13,993,200$

This means that when miss blond reaches this value, you shouldn't buy more. You will have max earnings doing this method.


Hookers are an important in-game functionality that gives you Money and, consequently, Respect. The income and quantity of hookers you may have are directly determined by your CHARISMA. The more the better. Be careful to not buy too much hookers or you will be (as in any other investment) loosing Money. Therefore, chill, make your calculations and have fun you ****ing bastard pimp!